Enabling Debug Mode for User Plugin

The cPanel end-user plugin provides a debug mode for use troubleshooting problems. Debug mode is disabled by default.

You should enable debug mode if the plug-in displays the "an error has occurred" message.

Enabling Debug Mode

  1. Create the plugin configuration by copying the default file:

    cp /usr/local/xvarnish/ui/cpanel/configuration.php-default /usr/local/xvarnish/ui/cpanel/configuration.php
  2. Open this new file using your favorite editor:

    nano /usr/local/xvarnish/ui/cpanel/configuration.php
  3. Change constant DEBUG_MODE to a boolean true value as shown below. Save your changes.

    define('DEBUG_MODE', true);
  4. Reload the cPanel end-user plugin to see additional debug information on the error.

  5. Revert DEBUG_MODE to boolean false once you are finished.

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