Customized Hitch Configuration

Cachewall gathers a list of installed certificates from cPanel's SSL storage and generates a corresponding configuration file for Hitch. cPanel's SSL storage is monitored for any certificate changes and when this is detected, the Hitch configuration is refreshed automatically.

There are two files involved with the Hitch configuration:

  • The base file at /usr/local/xvarnish/etc/conf.d/default/hitch.conf

  • The true configuration at /usr/local/xvarnish/etc/conf.d/hitch.conf

Cachewall uses the base file (conf.d/default/hitch.conf) as a set of default values to generate what is written to the true configuration (conf.d/hitch.conf). Cachewall reads the base and carries over most options found into the true configuration file generated; therefore editing the base file allows customizations to the Hitch configuration that will persist through a configuration refresh.

All Hitch options in the base file are carried over to the true configuration over, except for pem-file. Please reach out to us if you have a need to set custom PEM file paths for Hitch.

For example, if you update the base file and set alpn-protos = "example" then refresh the Cachewall HTTPS configuration (xvctl gen https), you'll see this custom alpn-protos value written into the true configuration file.

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